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Welcome Sweetheart!

Thank you so much for wanting to learn more about my brand, Casanova Cosmetics.

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about my passion and my beautiful team.

 I hope you enjoy my site and make sure to book an appointment soon!

- Love, Lucy 

Casanova Cosmetics Team

Lucy Casanova


Makeup Artist

CEO of Casanova Cosmetics

Welcome, my name is  Lucy Casanova and I own Casanova Cosmetics! 

I am a student studying Forensic Science, an upcoming model,  a makeup artist and an entrepreneur - all at 16 years old! 

Making others feel beautiful through my art is my passion.

Thajia Hepburn


Casanova Cosmetics Sweetheart

My name is Thajia Hepburn, and I am an upcoming model! My hobbies include  dancing and I plan to travel the world and learn new languages. Dont be afraid to be who you are, and share what you love - it may inspire someone!

Allison Russo


Casanova Cosmetics Sweetheart

My name is Allison Russo, I am an upcoming singer and model! I intend on becoming a known movie actress and starring in many movies. As of right now, I am currently on Youtube, so make sure to subscribe to Allison Russo!

Ava Cueto


Casanova Cosmetics Sweetheart

My name is Ava Cueto, and I am an upcoming model and yoga enthusiast! I have a strong love for music and art. I see myself as a very creative and "go with the flow" individual, so I can't wait to see what life has in store for me... 



Casanova Cosmetics: Goals and Mission Statement

As a 16 year old girl, it has been extremely easy to feel insecure and overwhelmed by social media and it's impacts. I have personally struggled through many insecurities- and makeup was always there for me. Feeling beautiful wasn't something I felt when I looked in the mirror, and it made me extremely dependent on cosmetics. By sharing my hobby with my family and friends, I was able to create my art and company. What had started as a coping mechanism to hide "imperfections" turned into passion for my ART. Although it is crucial to feel beautiful in one's skin, but I can personally understand how hard it can be sometimes in our generation filled with "perfect" individuals and their unrealistic beauty standards. Makeup can help anyone feel confident and that drove me to create Casanova Cosmetics.

Casanova Cosmetics has a richer meaning than just a random Miami Freelance Makeup Artist brand. It is more than an account on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Through my brand, I intend to ensure that every single one of my clients and supporters feel stunning when the come to Casanova Cosmetics. To avoid these negative thoughts that may overpower our heads sometimes. 

We all deserve to wake up in the morning and love ourselves, and I hope I can spread some of my love through my art to all my sweethearts! <3

As of right now, April of 2019, Casanova Cosmetics is just an account on Instagram with 500+ followers. 

My goals for 2019 are:

  • To have 20+ satisfied clients.
  • To improve my makeup techniques.
  • To add to the Casanova Cosmetics Sweethearts and have a second photoshoot!
  • To have a consistent Youtube channel and Instagram with over 1000 followers.
  • To launch my very own lash brand!
  • To create merchandise.
  • To collaborate with other small makeup brands and influencers.

and so much more....

Thank you for believing in me and my brand.

Welcome to Casanova Cosmetics.

- Love, Lucy

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Casanova Cosmetics FAQ

1. Where are you located?

Generally, I am located in Coral Gables, Miami. 

But... I travel to different locations in according to my clients!

2. Are your prices fixed?

No, my prices do vary depending on preferences and the usage of certain materials. 

It all depends on the look, so make sure to contact me if you would like an idea of your price before booking!

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3. Can you travel to my location?

Yes, I am a freelance makeup artist - meaning I do not have a set location and I work on my own. I can travel to any location but prices may vary accordingly.

4. Can I have a test session before making the appointment?

Of course sweetheart! I know you have to feel confident in my work to look your absolute best at your event! Make sure to book your appointment under "Test Session". Only $15!

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5. I'm very picky with my makeup, how will I know if I am liking the results?

Don't you worry, sweetheart! I am consistently communicating about my actions and asking questions about your preferences. 

I will create the perfect look for your tastes and physical features!

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6. Can I become one of your sweethearts?

I would love that! 

Every couple of months, I search for sweethearts (models/promoters) to help Casanova Cosmetics grow! Make sure to be on the look-out on our Instagram,  @casanovacosmetics, and fill out that application soon!