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Experienced Artist


Here in Casanova Cosmetics, our makeup artist and CEO, Lucy Casanova, is trained in many different areas of makeup.

 From a subtle, natural look all the way to an intricate red-carpet glam look!

She works closely with her clients to create a beautiful bond and establish a finished look that they love and feel confident in!

Professional Treatment


From the moment I meet my clients to the finishing touch of powder, I provide an experience that makes every individual feel special. My passion and motivation is to make sure every client feels gorgeous and confident in their own skin!

Satisfaction Guaranteed


I want you to be completely happy with my business during your appointment and also with your finished glam!

 During every appointment, I make sure to ask questions and provide glances at my work before the finished look!

 As a makeup artist, my consistent goal is to provide a fun and comfortable environment while helping you look fabulous for your special event. 

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